Our story

Hi there!
Bea and Ken here, the creators of Matcha Sundays.
We bring our treats from our home in East London to yours.

Having been born and raised in Japan, Ken is the type to ignore a slice of chocolate cake and instead reach for traditional Japanese treats with a cup of green tea. Since landing in the UK in 2012, he’s become increasingly grumpy over the fact that he can’t find traditional japanese treats in London easily or at reasonable prices. After noticing (finally) that somebody was getting tired of all his complaints, he decided to do something. He researched authentic Japanese recipes and headed to the kitchen…

Suddenly Bea became the taste-tester – not a bad job at all – tasting new creations every week and finding new ways to incorporate these Japanese flavours into her own baking.

Without us realizing our kitchen slowly became a 24 hour sweet making workshop/bakery. We’re quite happy with our creations and have even dared to share them with friends … and they liked them! Thus, the idea of MATCHA SUNDAYS was born.

Why “Matcha Sundays”?

We love the act of sharing treats, conversation and experiences with friends and family over a cup of matcha and we want to share our enjoyment with you. Our products are made fresh using natural ingredients with no additive or preservatives. To ensure that the products are as fresh as they can possibly be we will personally deliver our treats to your door one day a week by bike. We chose Sunday because this is the day where you’re likely to be taking it easy – so please, don’t get up.

Let us do the rest.