The Matcha Sundays FAQ!

Ordering one of our boxes is just the beginning. Enjoying our snacks is where it really matters, and to get the most out of your Matcha Sundays experience, here are answers to some of the most common questions we get from you:

Our service

Do you deliver around London?

Yes we do! We deliver to doorsteps all over London! If you’re within easy walking distance of a Tfl station in Zones 1-3, we’ll try our best to deliver by hand ourselves! If not, we’ll post it to you!

Can you post your snacks?

Yes! We post our snacks to all corners of the UK! Unfortunately, our weekly boxes can’t be posted, mainly because they often contain things that don’t do well in the post.

So if you live anywhere in the UK, we’ll deliver! If Royal Mail goes, so do we.

How do you post your snacks?

We used to post all our boxes via Royal Mail 1st Class post, but after a series of disastrous delays with Royal Mail over the Easter Bank Holiday, we now ship all our boxes via Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1PM. (Currently Special Delivery by 4PM due to covid-19 delays)

I’ve ordered a postal box. How long do I wait?

We know you want your snacks as soon as possible, but we often have a long queue of orders. Think 5-7 days until we make your order, depending on when the weekends are.

Tracking number?

Since we use Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1PM (Currently Special Delivery by 4PM due to covid-19 delays), we’ll email you a tracking number once we post your order!

Our Snacks

What allergens are in your snacks?

Check out our Allergen Information page for general information on what allergens are included in our snacks. For specific information, please click on the individual product in our Shop.

What drink should I have with your snacks?

Traditional Japanese snacks tend to be sweet, so we recommend brewing a cup of tea to enjoy with your snacks. We’re big fans of sencha (green tea), or hojicha (roasted green tea) but any tea works, really. Coffee also goes well, if that’s your fancy.

I ordered the mochi balls but they’re all hard. What do I do?

Our mochi ball sticks are handmade and don’t contain any preservatives. That’s why they’ll get hard over time. When this happens, stick them in the microwave for 2-3 seconds and they’ll soften up nicely. Repeat if still a bit hard. Stick them in too long and they’ll become beautiful goo puddles, so be careful!

There’s a small pot of paste/powder in my box. What’s this for?

Our mochi ball sticks sometimes come with toppings, such as sweet kinako powder, black sesame, or azuki bean paste. Pop open the pot, sprinkle (or dump) the contents on your sticks and you’re set!
Or, if it’s a pot of “mitarashi” glaze, stick it in the microwave for a few seconds before pouring over your mochi balls.

Can I refrigerate the snacks?

While our snacks don’t contain any preservatives, that doesn’t mean they should go in the fridge. With rice flour being so central to our recipes, our snacks will become hard if chilled. If you need to store them, put your snacks in an airtight container and keep at room temperature. We recommend no longer than 2 days.