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Traditional Kyoto ‘Yatsuhashi’

yatsuhashi w/red bean paste

Affectionately known as “otabe”, meaning “please eat”, yatsuhashi are the snacks to eat in Kyoto. Our yatsuhashi are folded into the familiar triangle shape and are available with azuki bean, or matcha bean paste filling.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Matcha yatsuhashi w/red bean paste

Yatsuhashi’s matcha cousin. Still in the signature triangle shape but with matcha powder added to the mix. The matcha yatsuhashi come with azuki bean, or matcha bean paste filling.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan


Our take on the traditional ‘yatsuhashi’ baked rice cracker. The distinct cinnamon flavour pairs perfectly with coffee, or ice cream. We lovingly call ours “cinnysticks”
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

nama yatsuhashi

Sometimes simple is best! Enjoy yatsuhashi skins in all their natural glory!
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

‘Dango’ Mochi balls

mochi balls

Soft and chewy, these three on a stick snacks are what being Japanese is all about! Available in plain, matcha, hojicha, and cinnamon flavours.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

mitarashi dango

Experience how simple mochi balls transform into an explosion of taste with the sweet soy glaze! A traditional snack from Kyoto!
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Warabi Mochi

Warabi Mochi

Deliciously soft, warabi mochi are the perfect light snack you can eat endlessly. Although its a mochi, it’s jelly-like in softness, with a nice earthy flavour thanks to the kinako powder coating.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan


If they weren’t already deliciously soft and tasty, warabi mochi with matcha is a slice of heaven. The slight bitterness of matcha combines perfectly with the earthy flavour of the kinako powder coating, and the sweetness of the sugar.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Hojicha Warabi Mochi

The sweet taste of warabi mochi, the smoky undertaste of hojicha, and the earthy tones of kinako powder make for a fun snack. A really fun snack!
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Coffee Warabi Mochi

You’ll be surprised how well the bitter notes of coffee blend with brown sugar and kinako. A real surprise for coffee aficionados!
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Mochi Doughnuts

Matcha doughnut with matcha icing and dark chocolate sprinkles


This isn’t your ordinary donut! Not with matcha powder and rice flour making it a chewy bite of deliciousness! Add matcha glazing and dark chocolate sprinkles and you’re set!
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Hojicha doughnut

Hojicha Mochi Doughnut

Meet the matcha mochi doughnut’s hojicha cousin. The smoky flavours are really something! We’ve topped it with a hojicha dusting for maximum flavour!
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Earl Grey Mochi Doughnut

If the current Earl Grey only knew, he’d approve! These come infused with the flavours of Earl Grey Tea and with the citrusy notes of orange! Ohh, the flavours you’ll taste!
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Chocolate Mochi Doughnut

Because sometimes you just want to enjoy a good old chocolate doughnut. With matcha, hojicha, or chocolate icing. Whatever fits your fancy.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Black Sesame Mochi Doughnut

Black sesame in a doughnut? Yes, and once you bite into it, you’ll get why this is a good idea. A more refined and adult taste than our other doughnuts. Available in two varieties: 1) honey drizzle with sesame sprinkles, and 2) a topping of kinako powder
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan


black sesame cookie

Rich with the distinct taste of black sesame, these cookies make for a nice afternoon snack to complement your tea.
Contains Gluten and Dairy

Azuki & Kinako Cookie

The rich, earthy flavours of kinako mixed into the dough balances nicely with the sweet tones of azuki bean paste.
Vegetarian // Vegan

Vegan Matcha, Azuki bean & Kinako oat cookie

Well of course we’d make a matcha version of our Azuki & Kinako oat cookie!
Vegetarian // Vegan

Matcha, chocolate, & Kinako cookie

All the flavours are in a perfect state of balance here, not too bitter, not too sweet, just perfect.
Contains Gluten and Dairy

Matcha Butter Cookies

After eating the black sesame cookies, we tried a version with matcha and almond slices. It tastes amazing, so here it is!
Contains Gluten, Dairy, and Nuts

hojicha butter cookies

Hojicha Butter Cookies

What do you get when you combine the light taste of hojicha with a light butter cookie? Find out what we know!
Contains Gluten and Dairy


Matcha Brownie

This is what you get when you combine the best of the traditional chocolate brownie with generous swirls of rich matcha. It’s not as sweet as a “regular” brownie, opting more for a matcha flavour.
Contains Gluten and Dairy

Hojicha Brownie

Since we had hojicha powder, we just had to make a hojicha version of our matcha brownie. A much lighter flavour, it goes really well with the nutty almonds on top!
Contains Gluten and Dairy

Savoury Snacks

Daigaku Imo

The humble sweet potato with a sweet honey soy glaze will take you to new levels of gastronomic bliss. The soft flavours of sweet potato go nicely with notes of honey and sesame. Perfect for a cold winter day.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Zenzai with mochi

Sometimes simple is best. A sweet, warm azuki bean paste soup with a chewy mochi cake… Hits the spot when you’re back inside from the cold.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan


Neri-yōkan bar

The perfect expression of hospitality, slices of yōkan served with tea have greeted many a guest in Japan. Enjoy the sweet flavours of the azuki bean paste throughout.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Mizu-yōkan jelly

A lighter, summer version of the neri-yōkan, mizu-yōkan is more like a jelly. Still just as tasty, but perfect for those hot summer days.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan

Coffee Snacks

Coffee Jelly

The slight bitterness of coffee melds perfectly with the sweetness of cream/milk to create perfection. Dairy-free milk is just as tasty. The perfect snack for binge-watching your favourite TV programme.
Gluten-Free // Vegetarian // Vegan