Weekly: The “Strawberry” Box


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They’re here!!!!!
Our Strawberry Yatsuhashi á la Daifuku have landed in our weekly boxes. As summer approaches and strawberries are more front of mind, we thought you’d appreciate a strawberry-themed box to celebrate the Early May Bank Holiday. We’ve also included two different kinds of strawberry mochi balls, because why not? The “Strawberry & Azuki” has azuki bean paste and strawberry slices on top, while the Strawberry mochi ball has strawberry jam mixed into the mochi ball itself! Strawberries go really really (really) well with wagashi and we’d like you to experience how true it is.

What you’ll get in this week’s box:

– 1 x Strawberry Daifuku (pb | gf)
– 1 x “Strawberry & Azuki” mochi ball stick (pb | gf)
– 1 x Strawberry mochi ball stick (pb | gf)
– 1 x portion of Matcha & Azuki warabi mochi (pb | gf)

OPTIONAL: 1 x Matcha popcorn (£1 extra)

pb: plant based | gf: gluten free
Allergens: N/A

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Cambridge: The deadline is this Thursday, 28 April at 8PM! We’ll be delivering the boxes on Friday, 29 April between 12PM and 9PM unless something irregular happens! 

London: The deadline is this Saturday, 30 April at 6PM. We’ll be delivering the boxes on Sunday, 01 May between 12PM and 9PM no matter what the weather! 
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