Special: The “Tea Flavours” Box


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Better late than never! It’s a bit late but our special box has landed! The “Tea Flavours” box is full of tasty wagashi snacks this week, focusing on the amazing flavours of matcha, hojicha, and genmaicha. Tea never grows old and we’re confident you’ll love these snacks!

Here’s what is inside this week’s box:

– 1 x Hojicha mochi doughnut (pb | gf)
– 1 x Matcha mini mochi doughnut (pb | gf)
– 1 x “Takoyaki” style mochi doughnut bite (not pb | not gf)
– 1 x Matcha Ankoro mochi (pb | gf)
– 2 x Yatsuhashi [Genmaicha w/genmaicha filling, Matcha w/matcha filling] (pb | gf)
– 1 x portion of Matcha & Azuki Warabi mochi (pb | gf)
– 1 x Hojicha ohagi (pb | gf)
– 1 x portion of Genmaicha “Kaminari Okoshi” rice krispie treats (not pb | not gf)
– 3 x Butter cookies [Matcha, Kurogoma, Hojicha] (not pb | not gf)

pb: plant based | gf: gluten free
Allergens: Soya, Dairy (milk), Egg

Order by 10PM on Saturday for delivery on Sunday, 19 November, and by 10PM on Tuesday for deliver on Wednesday, 22 November! We’ll be delivering the boxes between 3PM and 10PM no matter what the weather!
(Actual product may differ)