Japanese tea


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It’s wonderful you’re thinking of ordering some wagashi, but wagashi is so much more than the snacks.

It’s an entire experience, from the plate to the selection to the tea. Yes, the tea. You need tea to balance the often sweet wagashi, so we’ve selected a few for you. NOTE: One portion is 2g, and comes in a biodegradable teabag!

  • Genmai-cha: A roasted rice and green tea. Nice balance between the green tea and the nutty notes of the genmai rice.
  • Hojicha: A strong roasted tea made from the “kuki” stems of tea leaves. Surprisingly little caffeine.
  • Hoji-genmai: A fun tea blending hojicha with genmai bits. Both familiar flavours if you’ve tried tea before, but the result is surprisingly good. Try it and you’ll get what we mean.