Friday Special: The “We’re Back” Box


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Well, Japan was a nice break from the hustle and bustle that Matcha Sundays is. To celebrate being back in London, we’ve put together a box of goodies for you. We call this week’s box the “We’re Back” box. Original, eh? August is a busy month for us so we’ve had to adjust the delivery schedule to Friday, 5 August.

What you’ll get in this week’s box:

– 1 x Hojicha doughnut w/ hojicha icing  (pb | gf)
– 6 x butter cookies (2 each of sesame, matcha, and hojicha)
– 1 x Cinnamon yatsuhashi (pb | gf)
– 1 x portion of Matcha warabi mochi (pb | gf)
– 1 x “Anko-tama” (pb | gf)

OPTIONAL: Teabag (£0.50)

pb: plant based | gf: gluten free
Allergens: Milk (dairy), Soy, Sesame

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London: The deadline is this Thursday, 04 August at 6PM. We’ll be delivering the boxes on Friday, 05 August between 12PM and 9PM no matter what the weather! 

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