Weekly: The Coffee Break Box


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We’re trying something new with this box. While things are always better with our Coffee Break Box, not everybody goes coffee-crazy so we’re introducing some options you can choose between. This week’s box contains:

– x1 Coffee doughnut w/coffee icing and walnuts (vg, gf)
– x8 Coffee warabi mochi (vg, gf) -OR- “Kokuto” Black sugar warabi mochi (vg, gf)
– x1 Coffee mochi stick w/coffee syrup (vg, gf) -OR- azuki bean paste (vg, gf)
– x4 Walnut butter cookies

Weight 0.1 kg
Warabi mochi flavour

Coffee, "Kokuto" Black Sugar

Mochi ball topping

Coffee syrup, Azuki bean paste