Weekly: The “Rakuyō” Box


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There’s nothing like a walk through the autumn mountains of Japan, when the leaves are a riot of reds, yellows and oranges. The “kōyō” season as it’s known is a popular tourist activity and so many of you will be familiar with this. A less known term is “rakuyō” (落葉) which means fallen leaves. Imagine a carpet of fallen leaves blanketing the ground in hues of reds and oranges, yellows and purples. It’s a truly beautiful sight to see and it always makes us forget the stress of life. While we miss seeing rakuyō, we at least have the Rakuyō Box for you!

This is what you’ll get:

– Matcha mochi doughnut w/matcha icing and dark chocolate chunks (pb, gf) x1
– Genmaicha yatsuhashi (pb, gf) x1
– Matcha mochi stick w/azuki bean paste (pg, gf) x1
– Azuki ohagi (pb, gf) x1
– Portion of Hojicha warabi mochi (pb, gf) x1
pb: plant based | gf: gluten free
Order via our website or tap on the social media post to shop! The deadline is this Saturday at noon! We’ll be delivering the boxes between 1PM and 5PM so see you then.