Weekly: The Classic Matcha Box


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Sorry for the short lead; we came down with a summer cold and just got back up.

Who doesn’t like a nice selection of matcha snacks? We do, but you need to do it right; you can’t just add matcha to something and expect a miracle. Well we’ve done our homework so all you have to do is dig in! This week you’ll get:

– x1 Matcha mochi doughnuts (pb, gf)

– x1 Matcha castella slice

– x1 portion of traditional-style warabi mochi (pb, gf)

– x2 Matcha, Hojicha & Kinako Cookie (NEW!)

pb: plant based | gf: gluten free

Order via our website or tap on the social media post to shop! Deadline is this Saturday at noon! Weekly boxes are available only in the following postcodes: E7, E10, E11, E14, E15, E17, and E20.